TELECONFERENCE – Leaving Money on the Table: Get Smarter in Collecting From Patients in the Era of Higher Deductibles


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The increasing number of patients in high deductible health plans is creating a major financial challenge for both clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups.

President Trump’s recent executive order will ease rules on small businesses banding together to buy health insurance and lift limits on short-term insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act. This action will exacerbate the problems that clinical labs and pathology groups are each already experiencing in collecting payments directly from patients, as more Americans become responsible for paying a greater percentage of their healthcare bills.

Speaker Panel for December 14, 2017 Teleconference

Five years ago patients paid an average of only 10% of their hospital bills out-of-pocket, whereas today patient responsibility makes up 30% of hospital revenues. This same trend in payment mix is being felt by both clinical labs and AP groups, which must start identifying new tactics for collecting directly from patients.

This webinar will provide the latest expert thinking and strategies on how clinical labs & AP groups can enhance their bottom-line by improving patient collections:

  • Get the best practices for implementing the most effective patient collection program for your clinical labor AP group
  • Find out which tools are available to your billing/collection staff to help determine how much a patient owes
  • Learn why the ability to collect payments from patients at the point of service is becoming a critical success factor
  • Discover the role your patient collection sites can play in increasing patient collections
  • Learn the critical “do’s and don’ts” in handling overdue patient bills
  • Identify the best IT solutions to help improve collections
  • Learn how to provide new financial options to help patients pay their bills