Surgical Pathology Database


Laboratory Economics is offering a database of all 2,700+ hospitals, 600+ independent labs, 13,000+ pathologists and 5,000 specialty physicians that prepare slides and/or interpret slides for all 16 of the top surgical pathology codes (CPT 88300, 88304, 88305, 88307, 88309, 88311, 88321, 88323, 88325, 88329, 88331, 88332, 88333, 88334, 88356, G0416, etc.). The database includes annual Medicare surgical pathology volumes for each provider plus estimated overall volumes for each provider for 2023. The database comes in easy-to-use and searchable Excel spreadsheets.


The Data is Presented in a User-Friendly Excel Spreadsheet and Includes:

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • Provider Name
  • Complete Address
  • Specific Annual Medicare OPPS Surgical Pathology Volume by CPT for hospitals (2022)
  • Specific Annual Medicare Surgical Pathology Volume by CPT Code for all Independent Labs and Pathologists (2022)
  • Overall Annual Surgical Pathology Volume Estimates for each Provider (2023)

Provide Your Sales Reps with the Data They Need To Succeed!

  • Data for all 50 states and Puerto Rico
  • Find new pathology lab clients to grow your sales
  • Create targeted lists by location or specialty to focus on your best opportunities
  • Identify under served markets for geographic expansion
  • Save time and money by using accurate, complete and consistent data