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January 2013

Palmetto Leans Toward Median Pricing          for MDx Tests

Coverage Denied for Most MDx Tests

Court Rejects Bostwick’s Request to Dismiss Whistleblower Lawsuit

February 2013

Palmetto Slashes MDx Test Reimbursement

LipoSciences Raises $45 Million from IPO

Quest Diagnostics 2012 Financials

March 2013

Palmetto Likely to Revise MDx Test Pricing

Aurora Diagnostics Hires “Crisis Management” Expert

BioReference Buys Two Labs in Florida

April 2013

Growth Slows in Automatic Pathology

Aetna Slashes its Lab Fee Schedule

 Proposed Budget Calls for Lab Fee Cuts

May 2013

Clock is Ticking for Labs to Submit Justification for Higher MDx Test Rates

Publicly-Traded Lab CEOs Paid Average            of $3.3 Million

Quest Buys Advanced Toxicology Network

June 2013

Labs Jump to Offer BRCA1/2 Testing Following Supreme Court Ruling

Cap Presses Aetna for Explanation on New Rates

OIG Medicare Pays too Much for Lab Tests

July 2013

Medicare to Slash Technical Rates

Cms Seeking Rate Review for All Lab Tests

Quest Antitrust Case Dismissed

August 2013

CMS Move Toward “Packaged Payments” Means Lower Reimbursement for Lab Tests

Labcorp Shoots Down Takeover Rumors

Labs brace For CMS Decision                             on Molecular Tests

September 2013

CAP Asks CMS to Toss 2014 Payment Scheme

Riedel Dogs Quest and Labcorp With Medicaid Lawsuits

Lab Stocks up 3% YTD

October 2013

Final Medicare NLAs for Most MDx Tests Look Reasonable

Quest Offers New BRCA Test at 25% Discount

Foundation Medicine Raises                          $110 Million From IPO 

November 2013

Florida Attorney General Joins Medicaid Pricing Lawsuit

PFS Final Rule Delayed Until Nov. 27; Cuts Expected for Some Key Codes

Sunset of EHR Safe Harbor Will Bring Big Change to Lab Marketplace

December 2013

Pathology Armageddon Avoided But IHC Rate Cut Will Sting

Where Will Savings to Avoid 20% PFS Cut Come From?

CMS Finalizes Plans to Revalue Lab Test Codes; CLFS For 2014 is -0.75%